The Resort Hotel Alex: A Place of Art and Culture

At Hotel Alex, guests can expect a unique experience, marked by an impressive collection of art and interior elements that hosts Christina Perren and René Hürlimann have lovingly gathered over time. This extraordinary collection of objects and artworks gives the hotel its very own fascinating story and personality.

One of the most remarkable features of the hotel is the use of ancient reclaimed wood, over 300 years old, adorned with intricate handcrafted carvings. This gives the entire hotel a warm and rustic atmosphere that captivates guests.

Another unique element is the paintings collected by Grandma. These artworks tell stories and give the hotel a personal touch. Here, the close connection to family and to the past is palpable.

DaThe hotel is also known for its exceptional collection of semi-precious stones, including amethyst, smoky quartz, rose quartz, rock crystals, petrified wood, agate, and much more. These stones were carefully selected to give the hotel a special aura and to offer guests a sense of harmony and relaxation.

Antiques from various parts of the world adorn the hotel and give it a touch of history and tradition. These unique pieces tell their own stories and create a welcoming atmosphere.

A real highlight is the oldest oil painting of Zermatt, located in the breakfast room. This painting, from the year 1807, once had its place in the Swiss Embassy in Vienna before it was discovered and acquired by Grandma. It is a significant artwork and a connection to the rich history of Zermatt. The Hotel Alex also houses one of the most extensive collections of Matterhorn images in Switzerland, with about 200 impressive works.

Christina Perren and René Hürlimann, the hosts of the hotel, are proud to share these precious treasures with their guests and offer them the opportunity to experience the history and artistic diversity of Hotel Alex up close. This gives the hotel its unique personality and makes every stay an unforgettable experience.