Zermatt: A Journey into the Swiss Alps

The Village

Where History Comes to Life

Zermatt's roots reach deep into the past. Originally, it was a small, isolated mountain village living off agriculture and animal husbandry. However, the 19th century began a transformation that made Zermatt the international attraction we know today.

Today, Zermatt is synonymous with alpine beauty, luxury, and outdoor activities. The charming chalets and modern hotels offer a wide range of accommodations for travelers from all over the world. The alpine landscape and modern infrastructure, with almost unlimited possibilities for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountaineering, and mountain biking, remain the main pillar of local tourism.

The history of Zermatt is marked by pioneering spirit, discoveries, and a love of nature. It is a story that is still alive today in the breathtaking landscape, activities, and hospitality of the place. Zermatt invites you to delve into the past while enjoying the modern amenities and adventures that our alpine jewel has to offer.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn, a majestic mountain in the Swiss Alps, towers as a symbol of beauty and challenge over Zermatt. At 4,478 meters, it is one of the highest peaks in Europe and has attracted mountaineers, adventurers, and nature lovers from all over the world for centuries.

Where the sky touches the earth

The distinctive, almost pyramid-like shape of the Matterhorn makes it one of the most recognizable mountains on Earth. Its geological formation dates back millions of years, and its presence has fascinated generations. The allure of the Matterhorn extends beyond its impressive appearance - it embodies the human urge to explore and conquer.

The Matterhorn is more than just a mountain. It is a magnet for explorers, a place of inspiration, and a symbol of human ambition. Its presence has made Zermatt a world-famous destination that combines the beauty of nature with a passion for adventure. The Matterhorn remains a place of fascination and awe that will captivate you too.


Zermatt is deeply rooted in ancient traditions that capture the essence of the alpine way of life. From old craftsmanship to festive celebrations, these traditions reflect the authenticity and pride of our community.

The preservation of these customs gives Zermatt a unique cultural depth that allows visitors to immerse themselves in a bygone era while simultaneously enjoying the modern flair of the mountaineer village.

In particular, traditional events such as the annual Folklore Festival in August offer you the opportunity to experience and feel the Valais and its history. Follow in the footsteps of our ancestors and let yourself be captivated by the tradition at the foot of the Matterhorn.

The Alex Museum

Explore the history of our house and discover what lies behind the famous façade. The ambiance of the Resort Hotel Alex Zermatt offers you everything you would expect from a luxurious Swiss mountain chalet. Behind the traditional log cabin lies an exciting world of experience created through years of history and attention to detail.

Whether hand-turned furniture, brocade curtains, velvet cushions, exquisite carvings, or valuable paintings of the Matterhorn - every detail is deeply connected to the history of the family and the destination and makes our beloved hotel a living and breathing work of art.