Atmospheric Evenings at Alex Lounge & Bar

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Whether you want to enjoy a wonderful wine, a refined whiskey, or a tasty cocktail - here, pleasure knows no bounds. Immerse yourself in the versatile world of drinks and experience unforgettable evenings

Opening Hours

The Alex Lounge & Bar is open daily from

noon to 11:00 pm for you.

Smoking Lounge

Here, exquisite cigars, a cozy atmosphere, and exclusive whiskey enjoyment combine to create an unparalleled experience. Discover our carefully selected cigar collection, which offers a variety of tastes in the highest quality. Enjoy the conviviality and dive into the world of fine smoke.

Enhance your experience with our most extensive selection of whiskeys in Zermatt. From smoky to mild – discover the variety of noble drops and let their stories seduce you. The "Smokies" smoking lounge is the place where moments of pleasure are born. Meet like-minded individuals, share stories, and experience the subtle connection between cigar and whiskey.