Where history comes alive: The Alex Museum invites you

Deeply Rooted in the History of Zermatt

Alex Perren Sr., the founder of Hotel Alex, was born in 1933. His maternal great-grandfather was Peter Taugwalder, the first mountain guide to ascend the Matterhorn with Edward Whymper. Taugwalder passed on his passion for the mountains and his talent for mountaineering to his great-grandson.

Thus, it is hardly surprising that at the tender age of 19, Alex became the youngest ski instructor and mountain guide in Zermatt, fulfilling his long-held dream. He guided guests to his beloved Matterhorn and to other majestic four-thousand-meter peaks.

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The Resort Hotel Alex: A Place of Art and Culture

At Hotel Alex, guests can expect a unique experience, marked by an impressive collection of art and interior elements that hosts Christina Perren and René Hürlimann have lovingly gathered over time. This extraordinary collection of objects and artworks gives the hotel its very own fascinating story and personality.

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Hotel Alex: Celebrity Guests Over Time

Over the years, Hotel Alex in Zermatt has hosted an impressive list of celebrity guests who have been able to enjoy the unique charm and hospitality of this hotel. Among these notable guests was British entrepreneur Richard Branson, who has visited the hotel several times in recent years and was thrilled by the breathtaking surroundings and the rustic luxury of the hotel.

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