Hotel Alex: Celebrity Guests Over Time

Over the years, Hotel Alex in Zermatt has hosted an impressive list of celebrity guests who have been able to enjoy the unique charm and hospitality of this hotel. Among these notable guests was British entrepreneur Richard Branson, who has visited the hotel several times in recent years and was thrilled by the breathtaking surroundings and the rustic luxury of the hotel.

In the 80s, the hotel had the honor of welcoming the legendary Swedish pop group ABBA and their member Anafried, who enjoyed a stay in Zermatt at that time. Queen drummer Roger Taylor was also a guest in the 90s and appreciated the beauty of the Swiss Alps.

A particular highlight was the visit of American Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara in 1964. During his stay in Switzerland, which included a visit to Zermatt, he chose the Resort Hotel Alex for himself and his entourage. Although he originally intended to climb the Matterhorn, bad weather thwarted his plans. Nevertheless, he was warmly welcomed by the local authorities and invited to a dinner at a luxury hotel in Zermatt to present a gift from the community. McNamara gratefully accepted the gift and requested to arrange the dinner at Hotel Alex.

Towards the end of the 70s, the hotel also had the privilege of welcoming the renowned Gucci family, undoubtedly another highlight in the hotel’s history. The British Royal family, specifically Michael of Kent, and many members of the British Parliament were also among the distinguished guests of Hotel Alex in the 80s. This shows that the hotel is extremely popular with celebrities from various fields.

These remarkable guests have undoubtedly contributed to the history and prestige of Hotel Alex and have taken the opportunity to experience the splendor of the Swiss Alps and the welcoming atmosphere of this enchanting resort.