Valaisian specialities, gourmet set meals and fine wines

This must be Zermatt’s most luxurious wine cellar

Rumour has it that the cellar is haunted by genies in the bottles… We are in no position to confirm such a rumour, but one thing is beyond doubt: Bodega Bacchus is the perfect place for an excellent meal in peace and quiet. Up to 22 people can enjoy Valais specialities, gourmet set meals and exquisite wines from all over the world. Please note that reservations must be for the entire room.


Enjoy a gourmet meal paired with the perfect wine.

We serve Valaisian specialities, seasonal set gourmet meals and select wines in unique Alex style. From the delicious beef fillet tartare, Valaisian caviar and a new take on Iberico pork to the perfectly grilled rack of local lamb, we serve up culinary experiences to pamper your palate. And of course, the perfectly paired wine with every meal.

Simply contact us with any enquiries. You can call us on +41 27 966 70 70 or e-mail