Zermatt Unplugged 2024 – A Musical Highlight at the Resort Hotel Alex

This spring, the picturesque Zermatt once again becomes the backdrop for the legendary Zermatt Unplugged Festival, taking place from April 9 to 13, 2024. The Resort Hotel Alex, known for its unique flair and excellent hospitality, is proud to be part of this extraordinary music event again. With the Alex Discovery Stage and the Blues Club, the hotel provides a platform for an impressive lineup of artists that will delight the hearts of music lovers.

Alex Discovery Stage

The Alex Discovery Stage features a captivating mix of indie-folk and singer-songwriter talents:

  • Salt Tree, the West Australian indie-folk duo, enchants with music inspired by good wine, endless sandy beaches, and majestic giant trees. Their unique musical chemistry and impressive global presence with over 600,000 Spotify listeners make their performances an unforgettable experience.
  • Dekker, known for his restrained guitar playing and epic songwriting, brings his magical world of music to Zermatt. After great successes and over 30 million streams, including features in Netflix series, Dekker is ready to captivate the audience.
  • Holly Macve, the Irish singer-songwriter, brings a mix of country, blues, and bluegrass to Zermatt. Her collaboration with Lana Del Rey and her profound albums have established her as one of the most promising voices in the international folk scene.
  • Susan O’Neill (SON), an outstanding artist in folk, rock, soul, and gospel, known for her impressive performances and fantastic songwriting, will fascinate the audience with her edgy voice and experimental sounds.
  • SIND, the Berlin band, brings their engaging rock music with a maximum pop approach to Zermatt. Their music, which tells nostalgic feelings and stories of letting go, promises an unforgettable experience.

Blues Club

At the Resort Hotel Alex’s Blues Club, you will find:

  • Justina Lee Brown, the award-winning Nigerian artist, captivates the audience with her explosive energy and powerful voice. Her unique blend of musical influences makes each concert an unforgettable event.
  • Jon Cleary, the British multi-instrumentalist who masterfully understands the music of Southern pianists. His ability to transform tradition into something entirely new has earned him worldwide recognition and a Grammy.
  • Lucky Wüthrich, the bold young Swiss blues musician, who, with his exceptionally soulful voice and palpable commitment, excites everyone in the room. His music, a blend of blues, soul, funk, gospel, folk, and pop, promises an exciting musical journey.

The Resort Hotel Alex looks forward to welcoming you to this exceptional musical feast. Experience the magic of Zermatt Unplugged in an environment that uniquely combines music, culture, and hospitality. Join us as the Resort Hotel Alex becomes the pulsating heart of music.

Image: Mood | Zeltbühne | © Hanna Büker Atance