Groundbreaking Connection: New Cable Car Crosses the Alps between Switzerland and Italy

Since July 1st of this year, it has been possible to cross the Alps in a completely new way. The brand-new cable car between the Klein Matterhorn in Zermatt, Switzerland, and the Testa Grigia in Italy allows travelers to cross the Alps from Switzerland to Italy or vice versa without having to set foot on snow.

The gondolas of the new cable car, known as the “Matterhorn Glacier Ride,” float over an impressive distance of 1.6 kilometers above the majestic Theodul Glacier. In the process, they overcome a proud 363 meters of altitude difference, and that without the need for intermediate masts. This connection allows for a comfortable crossing of the Alps not on skis, but in comfortable cabins.

The vision of continuously crossing the Alps between Zermatt and Italy with cable cars will become a reality this summer. Currently, work is being done on a three-cable gondola lift on the section between the Klein Matterhorn and Testa Grigia. Until now, it was only possible in winter to travel from Zermatt in Switzerland to Breuil-Cervinia in Italy and back, but only on skis. The new three-cable gondola completes this continuous cable car connection between Switzerland and Italy and enables a dry foot crossing of the Alps without skis. The route, referred to as the “Matterhorn Alpine Crossing,” offers an impressive panoramic journey over 4,000 meters of altitude, making it the cable car connection with the highest altitude difference in Europe.