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14.04. - 18.04.2015

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Свадьба Свадьба
Очаровательные ночи: экстравагантные номера, декорированные отборными тканями мягких цветов – для отличного самочувствия, для влюбленных и романтиков.

Familien Perren & Hürlimann
Bodmenstrasse 12
CH-3920 Zermatt
Tel. ++41 (0)27 966 70 70
Fax ++41 (0)27 966 70 90

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В разгар сезона мы частично принимаем заявки с прибытием к нам в субботу и минимальным пребыванием сроком в одну неделю.

Горячие новости:

Среда, 05. Ноябрь 2014

On 21 November we are starting the winter season full of energy and enthusiasm. A variety of sports...

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Menu for Christmas Eve 2014

Rate potatoes vichyssoise « chaud-froid » and Swiss caviar « Oona » from Frutigen
« Luma » veal carpaccio, white Alba truffle honey, alp cheese with herbs and Granny Smith apple
Sole fillet « petit bateau » from the Île d’Yeu with mustard from Meaux and horseradish sauce, fine squid ink noodles
Mandarine sorbet and peppermint granité
Roasted pigeon breast and pan fried duck liver, parsnip puree, beetroot and coffee jus
Apple cooked in caramel, sablé biscuit and ice-cream with Christmas spices
Christmas biscuits

Complete menu: CHF 160.— per person

Christmas Menu 2014

Lake char fillet with fennel vinaigrette
Creamy Brittany lobster soup with Patagonian scallops, rouille espuma and « Piment d’espelette » croutons
« Kent » mango sorbet and « Black Knight » passion fruit
Traditional Christmas turkey with chestnut and hyssop jus, sweet potatoes prepared in two different ways, pineapple chutney with red pepper corn
Surprise dessert with Tahiti vanilla and « Felchlin » milk chocolate

Complete menu: CHF 150.— per person

New Year's Eve Menu 2014

Carpaccio of « Guilvinec » langoustine and green pea ice-cream
Duck liver from Alsace with absinthe jelly, fig chutney, small brioche with alp butter
Sea bass from the Île Noirmoutier with Oscietra Royal caviar and Bollinger champagne emulsion
Yoghourt ice-cream from « Horu Käserei » of Zermatt with elder blossom, drizzled with Laurent Perrier rosé champagne
Beef sirloin steak « Wagyù » with Valaisan Syrah jus rate potatoes mousseline with white Alba truffle, morels with leeks and broad beans
Blue cheese from the Valais with nut liqueur, pear from Saxon in jelly and sugar crisps
Chocolate creation « Felchlin » lightly refined with pure Arabica coffee

Complete menu: CHF 360.— per person

At Midnight we welcome the New Year with the traditional Alex fireworks followed by a Big Party with DJ Pascal Seiler in the Alex Lounge Bar – open end!