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14.04. - 18.04.2015

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Familien Perren & Hürlimann
Bodmenstrasse 12
CH-3920 Zermatt
Tel. ++41 (0)27 966 70 70
Fax ++41 (0)27 966 70 90

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In alta stagione accettiamo in parte soltanto prenotazioni con arrivo di sabato e soggiorno minimo di una settimana.


mercoledì, 05. novembre 2014

On 21 November we are starting the winter season full of energy and enthusiasm. A variety of sports (...) leggi »

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Opening hours: 9.00 am to 11.30 am and 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm

(Products of THALGO)

Purity Facial, 25 mins, CHF 60.-

A Refreshing Facial experience including an exfoliation and mask to restore and hydrate the skin, to return to its natural healthy state.

Prescription Facial, 55 mins, CHF 150.-

Discover the skin enhancing properties of Marine extracts with your very own prescribed facial unique to your skin type, a personalised prescription using therapeutic sea mineral based products with a face, neck and shoulder massage to restore and boost your complexion, revive your skin texture and add a lasting glow to your appearance.
(With Collagen Mask extra CHF 35.–)

Ocean Facial for Men, 55 mins, CHF 135.-

This «Hi-Tech» professional facial is based upon relaxing massage movements of the face, shoulders, neck and scalp and the application of purifying mask. Relaxed and recharged your skin regains all its energy and balance.

Mani e piedi

Manicure, 45 mins, CHF 60.-

Restore tired hands and nails with this refreshing treatment. Complete with full cuticle care, hand soak, relaxing hand and arm massage and polish of your choice.

French Manicure, 50 mins, CHF 70.-

Manicure Treatment with French Polish.

Pedicure, 50 mins, CHF 70.-

Relieve tired heavy feet and refresh your reflexes from the tips of your toes to the heart of your sole. Featuring full nail care, Pedi-soak, sole care, a relaxing massage, and a polish of your choice.

French Pedicure, 55 mins, CHF 80.-

Pedicure treatment with French Polish.

Trattamento occhi

Eyelash Tint, 25 mins, CHF 30.-

Enjoy a relaxing hand and arm massage, while you have your eyelashes tinted.

Please take contact lenses out before this treatment

Eyebrow Tint, 10 mins, CHF 20.-

Eye Pack, 30 mins, CHF 60.-

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow tint and Eyebrow Shape

Collagen Eye Treatment, 25 mins, CHF 60.-

Using pure native soluble collagen, this intensive hydration treatment leaves the eye contour area soft, smooth and plumps out fine lines and wrinkles.

Combine it with the Prescription Facial (65 mins)  for a supplement of CHF 25.-

Depilazione a cera

Definizione sopracciglia 15 min. CHF 25.–
Baffetti 10 min. CHF 20.–
Totale gambe 45 min. CHF 75.–
Parziale gambe 20 min. CHF 55.–
Avambracci 10 min. CHF 30.–
Parziale braccia 20 min. CHF 45.–
Totale braccia 45 min. CHF 65.–
Inguine 15 min. CHF 30.–
Inguine (string) 20 min. CHF 45.–
Totale inguine (brasiliana) 45 min. CHF 55.–
Depilazione a cera uomo    
Schiena 20 min. CHF 70.–
Petto 20 min. CHF 70.–
Naso e orecchi 15 min. CHF 30.–

(Con più di un trattamento sarà concesso uno sconto di CHF 5.– per ciascun ulteriore trattamento a cera)


Quick Fix, 1,25 hrs, CHF 150.-

   Purity Facial
   Eye Pack
   Relax Back massage

Top to Toe, 2,55 hrs, CHF 290.-

    Prescription Facial
    Relax Back Massage

* Please allow 3 hrs notice of cancelation and changes. Otherwise you will be billed for the appointment. Late arrivals will receive treatment for the remaining time in the appointment and no shows will be billed in full.