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Familien Perren & Hürlimann
Bodmenstrasse 12
CH-3920 Zermatt
Tel. ++41 (0)27 966 70 70
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In alta stagione accettiamo in parte soltanto prenotazioni con arrivo di sabato e soggiorno minimo di una settimana.


mercoledì, 05. novembre 2014

On 21 November we are starting the winter season full of energy and enthusiasm. A variety of sports (...) leggi »

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Menu della sera


Mushroom cream soup and porcini mushroom espuma   18.–
Soup of white wine from the Valais and slice of bread with dried meat   22.–
Ravioli with black Périgord truffles   24.–
Langoustine tartare in a passion fruit basket   24.–
Caesar salad with chicken breast and lobster claws   28.–
Duck liver terrine, jelly with Malvoisie « Flétrie », apricot compote and brioche with salted butter   32.–
Scrambled eggs with black Périgord truffles and pan seared duck liver, brioche with salted butter   36.–
Imperial caviar served with blinis 30 gr.
50 gr.
100 gr.


Steamed halibut and green vegetable blanquette 46.–
Pan-fried John Dory, Hass avocado with yuzu vinaigrette and coriander, sweet potato with ginger 48.–
Fillet of turbot with shellfish on chive cream and linguine with squid ink 50.–


Braised veal cheeks with veal sweetbread nuggets, and fine basil noodles 38.–
Duck breast «Mulard» and liver, pineapple chutney and Roman-style gnocchi 48.–
Rack of lamb in a stewpot with mountain hay, grilled vegetables and panisse 55.–
Beef fillet from the Simmental with a nut crust, mushroom ragout and parsnip puree 66.–

from the charcoal grill

Sea bass from « l’Île de Noirmoutier » with fennel, grilled vegetables and panisse, for 2 people   69.–/p/P.
Beef Chateaubriand « Simmental », for 2 or more people 460 gr. 68.–/p/P.
Beef chop « Simmental » with beef marrow, for 2 people 750 gr. 68.–/p/P.
Lady’s beef entrecote « Simmental » 160 gr. 42.–
Gentleman’s beef entrecôte « Simmental » 200 gr. 51.–
XXL beef entrecôte « Simmental » 300 gr. 60.–
Veal chop « Simmental » 320 gr. 56.–

Side dishes and sauces

All our dishes are served with vegetables of the season, potato gratin and both sauce béarnaise and Sauce Café de Paris. 

Our beef is hung in house for a minimum of 21 days.

We only use fresh products and put a lot of care in the preparation of our dishes. 


Dessert of the day   15.–
Crispy entremet of Felchlin chocolate and praliné, pear sorbet and hazelnut sauce   16.–
Baba exotic style with spiced Pyrat rum   16.–
Apple from the Valais in two ways, cooked in caramel and Périgord truffles, as ice-cream refined with rosemary   16.–
Biscuit «semi-cooked» with Felchlin chocolate, raspberry heart and «piment d’Espelette», yogurt sorbet, preparation time: 20 minutes   18.–
Ice-cream and sorbet according to the selection per scoop 4.–
Cheese from the region and elsewhere, fig confit and truffle honey   18.–