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Weddings at the Hotel Alex
Magical nights in extravagant rooms with luxurious fabrics and warm colours – the perfect place for lovers and romantics.

Familien Perren & Hürlimann
Bodmenstrasse 12
CH-3920 Zermatt
Tel. ++41 (0)27 966 70 70
Fax ++41 (0)27 966 70 90

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In some weeks during high season we accept only weekly bookings with arrival on a Saturday

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Wednesday, 05. November 2014

On 21 November we are starting the winter season full of energy and enthusiasm. A variety of sports (...) more »

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Body Treatments

Holy Head, 55 mins, CHF 125.–

An invigorating treatment for the head area starting with a holistic facial treatment using natural products to tone, exfoliate, deep clean and moisturize. Along the way we will use acupressure massage on the shoulder, nack and face. (Extractions not available with this treatment)
3 hours prenotice required.

Ladies Pamper Me, 75 mins, CHF 165.–

This begins with a self done body scrub using Moroccan Black Olive oil soap and a special mitten to remove dead skin cells. This is followed by a hot stone massage using Shea butter to moisturize the skin leaving it relaxed and radiant.
3 hours prenotice required.

Heaven & Earth, 75 mins, CHF 165.—

Here you will be treated to a 25 minute foot massage followed by the «holy head» treatment which consists of a holistic facial and acupressure massage of the shoulder, neck, face and scalp.
3 hours prenotice required.