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Weddings at the Hotel Alex
Magical nights in extravagant rooms with luxurious fabrics and warm colours – the perfect place for lovers and romantics.

Familien Perren & Hürlimann
Bodmenstrasse 12
CH-3920 Zermatt
Tel. ++41 (0)27 966 70 70
Fax ++41 (0)27 966 70 90

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In some weeks during high season we accept only weekly bookings with arrival on a Saturday



Advent's Special in the Hotel Alex

2 or 4 days in Advent at the "Alex"…

Relax & Gourmet in the Hotel Alex

7 nights in Zermatt...

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Friday, 11. July 2014

We are delighted about the fact that our reviews on the travel platform TripAdvisor are getting...

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Dinner Menu Card


Soup of white wine from the Valais and slice of bread with dried meat 22.–
Mushroom cream soup and porcini mushroom foam 18.–
Ravioli with black Périgord truffles 24.–
Caesar salad with chicken breast and lobster claws 28.–
Carpaccio "Luma beef" with wild pepper form Madagascar 26.–
Marbled goose liver with Syrah from the Valais, pickled chanterelles 32.–
Scrumbled eggs with black Périgord truffles and roasted duck liver, brioche 36.–


Pan fried John Dory, avocado Hass with citrus fruit vinaigrette and coriander, rice cannelloni 46.–
Steamed halibut and green vegetable blanquette 46.–
Fillet of turbot with shellfish on chive cream and linguine with squid ink 50.–


Beef fillet from Simmental with a nut crust, Salsify with red wine and puree of Jerusalem artichoke 66.–
«Mulard» duck breast with yuzu jus, sweet potato with ginger, pineapple chutney 43.–
Loin of lamb in a stewpot on mountain hay, grilled vegetables and creamy polenta 55.–
Braised veal cheeks with sweetbread nuggets, mousseline with thyme 38.–

From the charcoal grill

2 persons

Sea bass with fennel, grilled vegetables and panisse 135.–


Beef Chateaubriand «Simmental» for 2 or more people CH 460g 68.–/p.P.
Beef chop «Simmental» with beef marrow, for 2 people CH 750g 130.–
Veal chop «Simmental» CH 320g 55.–
Lady’s beef entrecôte «Simmental» CH 160g 40.–
Gentleman’s beef entrecôte «Simmental» CH 200g 49.–
XXL beef entrecôte «Simmental» CH 300g 58.–

Side dishes and sauces

All our dishes are served with vegetables, potato gratin and both sauce béarnaise and Sauce Café de Paris. 

Our beef is hung in house for a minimum of 21 days.

We only use fresh products and put a lot of care in the preparation of our dishes. 



Biscuit «half-cooked» with Felchlin chocolate, sour cherries and yogurt ice-cream made of alpine milk, preparation time: 20 minutes 18.–
Savarin Valais style, poached pear with spices, caramel ice-cream with fleur de sel 16.–
Pineapple with Tasmanian pepper, panna cotta with lemon grass, speculoos biscuit 16.–
Roasted apple with caramel perfumed with black Périgord truffles, sablé biscuit, cold apple and rosemary cream 16.–
Ice-cream and sorbet according to the selection, per scoop 4.–
Dessert of the day 15.–
Cheese from here and there, chutney and truffle-honey 18.–